Adam Kalinowski

Accountancy, Tax consultancy, Company formation

Company Formation

Starting your own business is an exciting and busy time. Being confronted with the various financial and legal aspects of a business start up can be extremely daunting on your own.  I am here to help you with company formation. I can advise you on the most suitable type of structure for your company; sole trader, partnership or limited company and the subsequent tax implications surrounding the structure. I will explain every step of the process, guide you through the various stages of setting up a company and turn a great idea into a profitable reality.

Tax consultancy

will help you with everything concerning tax and HMRC: Personal and Corporation Tax Returns preparation, , CIS registering and processing, Tax planning.

My aim is not only to make sure you comply with legislation but also that your tax liabilities are as small as possible.



My Accountancy services cover a wide range of activities: Books and Records maintenance, Payroll running, Interim Management Reports and Annual Financial Statements preparation. Have you got time and inclination for all of these?

I will examine your situation and suggest the most cost – effective accountancy solution which in minimal degree involves you.



Books and Records Maintenance

The scope depending on the customer’s needs and business complexity. Click for more.

Payroll running

Maintaining a payroll system in compliance with HMRC’s requirements. Click for more.


Interim Management Reports preparation

Periodic Statements of financial position, Statements of profit and loss, Cash flow forecasts and many others. Click for more.


Annual Financial Statements preparation

Preparing Statement of financial position, Statement of profit and loss and Confirmation statement for HMRC and Companies House. Click for more.


Tax Returns preparation

Preparing and submitting of Personal Tax Returns, Corporation Tax Returns and VAT returns. Click for more.

Inheritance Tax handling

Advice and processing all HMRC’s forms and corespondence. Click for more.


CIS registering and processing

Subcontractors’ registering, Contractors’ registering and monthly statements. Click for more.

Tax planning

Covers all phases in the life of you and your business and encompass all UK taxes, including Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT and Stamp Duty. Click for more.

Tax enquiries

Liaising with the HMRC regarding enquires and investigations. Click for more.

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